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UHF-626 is equipped with auto mute function (MIC will pause after left hand for 3 seconds in any direction, any angle.). It will enter into ECO mode after 5 mins, auto power off after 30 mins.


IDOLpro UHF-626 Dual Channel Wireless Microphones With New Digital Technology

  • Features:

    • Dual wireless microphones with one receiver with special mute circuit design to eliminate the noise
    • Long battery life with booster battery function, can keep up 6-10 hours and will not affect the stability even when battery is low.
    • Energy saving with ECO-MODE
    • Automatic transferring to energy saving mode after 5 minute unused.
    • Automatic mute within 3 seconds unused
    • Automatic mute then shut down after 30 minutes unused to avoid over heat and save energy.
    • Equipped with new circuit, high frequency, and super strong dynamic to provide good sound quality and perfect working distance.
    • Stringing frequency can be solved with automatic channel searching disturb function and will be more convenient installation.
    • Built-in feedback circuit board for easy operation.
    • IR auto frequency scanner
    • MIC will auto mute when drop down.
    • Approximate working distance is 300 ft.



    • Frequency Range: 530-579 MHz
    • Channels:100 x 2, spacing 250khz
    • Modulation Mode:FM(PLL)
    • Oscillation Mode: Phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesis
    • Frequency Stability:±10ppm
    • Reception Mode: Secondary superheterodyne frequency conversion
    • Pilot Way: Simulation of Pilot
    • Receiving Sensitivity: -95—95DBM
    • Frequency:40-18000Hz
    • Harmonic distortion:≤0.5%
    • Noise ratio :≥110dB
    • Audio Output: Equilibrium Output And Mixed Output
    • Transmission power:3-30mW
    • Battery type:AA battery
    • Power:100-240V 50-60Hz 12VDC
    • Power consumption:≤10W

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