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IDOLpro IP-3800 II 1300W Professional Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier With Optical Input,Separate Repeat & Delay Control NEW 2020 - Improved --IT COMES WITH A REMOTE CONTROL 

IDOLpro IP-3800 II 1300W Professional Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier With Optical

  • MSRP:$699.99

    Instruction to connect smart devices to the amplifier through Bluetooth

    • 1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone
    • 2. Press “Air-M” button on the front panel of the amp and wait for your phone to search.
    • 3. Choose “F-3089” on your phone and connect it.
    • 4. Now you are ready to stream music from your phone to the amp. Please note, Bluetooth will only send audio to the amp, graphic won’t get transferred.


      • Professional Digital Echo with separate repeat and delay controls
      • 3 Mic Inputs with individual volume controls and echo on/off switches
      • Audio Bluetooth receiver built-in for streaming from smart devices
      • Built-in MP3 Player Module
      • Optical/ Coaxial Input
      • 3 XLR Front 3- 1/4" Microphone Inputs
      • 2 XLR Back 2-1/4" Microphone Inputs
      • Musicmaster bass/mid/treble controls
      • Mic Master bass/mid/treble/controls
      • Mic with Individual bass/mid/treble controls
      • Master Microphone Control
      • Master Volume Control
      • Source/Level output displays
      • Subwoofer output
      • 4 Sets of A/V/S-Video/Input/Output Jacks
      • Digital Sound Effect

      Power Output (Peak) : 650W + 650W @ 8Ω
      Power Output (RMS) : (250w+250W @ 4Ω) (150W+150W @ 8Ω)
      Input Impedance: 47kΩ
      Input Sensitivity: 150mV
      Bass Control: +/- 15dB (100Hz)
      Mid Control: +/- 15dB(1KHz)
      Treble Control: +/- 1dB (10KHz)
      T.H.D: <0.1%
      Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz -1dB
      Noise Ratio: >90dB
      Power Source: 115V/60Hz
      Product Dimension: 17(W) x 6 (H) x 12 (D) inches
      Product Weight: 30 lbs


      Connector: 1/4" TRS/Unbalanced
      Input Impedance: 1.5KΩ
      Input Sensitivity: 10mV
      T.H.D.: <0.5%
      Frequency Response: 20Hz - 15KHz -3dB
      Noise Ratio: >85dB
      Bass Control: +/- 15dB (100Hz)
      Mid Control: +/- 12dB(1KHz)
      Treble Control: +/- 15dB (10KHz)
      Digital Echo: Up To 300ms

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